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I love to dance! I have never been any good, but it makes me happy and I have very fond memories. I wanted to do pole dancing LONG before I started. I would watch videos and look for classes when I visited Los Angeles, but they were always so pricey and I was never brave enough to go alone. Right after thanksgiving I was googling pole dancing and a site came up for classes in my town. I was shocked! Our conservative small town where everything closes at 10pm had something I wanted. Two of my sisters where still in town so we went together. I had a blast!!! I wasn't any good but I didn't care. I love pole! I makes my feel like a woman, makes me feel pretty, strong, and graceful I love the muscle definition its given to my arms. I enjoy my instructor who is always so friendly and encouraging, its the only fitness I'm excited to do.

Katie C.

Katie C.