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My name is Monica and my interest began when I was going through a divorce after 18 years of marriage. I am a certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor and love to keep in shape! I first found out about Pole Fitness in Las Vegas, NV at Pole Fitness Studio. It gave me a workout I had never experienced before! I couldn't work the muscles I did by doing pole fitness, it was amazing how my body transformed and I felt stronger. The added benefit was I felt more comfortable with my body and I felt sexier. I was insecure while married and especially after going through a divorce. I have three children and at first was hesitant to take classes fearing they wouldn't approve. To my surprise my children were actually supportive, I told them that Spiderman, Batman, and action heros did climbing and spinning on poles! The strength and flexibility that develops while taking pole classes are more than beneficial and keep your body younger. Pole classes helped me keep busy doing something I love during a difficult time in my life, I enjoy anything that builds strength, muscle, and flexibility... and especially the confidence! I recommend it to all ages, it is never too late to transform yourself and your body!

Monica K.

Monica K.