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I moved to St. George a couple of years ago; moving to a new place as an adult, out of college with no kids can be challenging. It’s hard to know where you fit in and it’s tough to find places to meet new people. I grew up a dancer and when I saw an advertisement for Pole Fitness in St. George I was intrigued! I took a leap of faith and went to my first class and it was love at first sight, I was hooked! I instantly loved that I got a killer workout (cardio and strength) and I had a blast doing it. I’m not a huge fan of routine workouts at the gym, pole fitness allowed for a flexible, never-the-same workout. One year later I attend class every week (sometimes several times a week) and I couldn’t survive without my “Pole Time.” I am a 2nd year PhD student, military wife, public speaker (which means I travel a lot) and teacher and now, pole fanatic! I forget to mention that I’m also blind. I have a hard time finding dance classes with teachers who are good at calling out the moves, helping me one-on-one and talking me through many of the steps/moves. I found Annie at Southern Utah Pole Dance and she is AMAZING at this. She’s had to adapt her teaching style to some extent but she is great with working with me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Pole has been the best thing I’ve found since moving to Southern Utah and I’m not afraid to show everyone what I’m learning and how much fun I’m having getting buff! Pole fitness has honestly changed my life and given me something again (since my dancing days) to be passionate about! I think I’m a pole groupie for life!

Deja P.

Deja P.