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My name is Stacy. I've always had to work extra hard to stay in shape because of a naturally slow metabolism. When I was in my early 20s, I weighed nearly 270 lbs. Since then, I have lost over 100 lbs by combining a low-calorie diet and cardio. Once I turned 30, it became even more difficult, and I knew I needed to mix up my workouts to include strength training. I spent months doing yoga, but because I've got difficulty balancing, I was getting frustrated. My friend invited me to pole dancing class. I had heard that it was a great workout but was also incredibly FUN. I get bored easily, so that's important! The first class I attended was an open gym class. I had a blast! Don't let pole-dancing's association with strip clubs fool you - all of the moves that I saw were graceful and classy. It was like watching ballet or acrobatics. I got an amazing full-body workout and had a great time doing it. I've tried other dance classes, but I always feel so clumsy. Pole class makes me feel powerful and sexy! In the following days, I felt sore all over - my entire arm and shoulder area, my upper abs, even my pecs. I absolutely cannot wait until I've built up more strength to be able to perform the super fun tricks, like hanging upside down!

Stacey S.

Stacey S.