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Dancing has always been something I have enjoyed, though I have never been one for traditional classes. After finding out that there were pole fitness classes being offered around the country I searched the internet to find one locally, only to find that none were available. Then, in May, The Spectrum posted an article about SUPD. I immediately texted a close friend whom I knew would be up for going with me and the very next week we were in class for the first time. We giggled like school girls for the first month, thoroughly enjoying our time in class. After that, class became our time away, our ‘me’ time. I started to go to class, not for the health benefits, but for the FUN! To be able to tell my friends, family, and (often) complete strangers what a blast I was having. Over time, my pants fit better (a bonus that I never expected) and I was doing things I never thought I would be able to do. I would consider the health benefits as merely a perk. After a non-pole related injury, I am super excited to be coming back to class!

Sara L.

Sara L.