Use my affiliate link by clicking the image, and shop X-Pole’s website.  X-pole’s professional portable poles start at $129.99 plus $40 shipping. If you have questions regarding diameter, finish, or model, don’t hesitate to ask! I usually recommend 45 mm chrome X-pert, unless you are particularly slippery or have very small hands in which case you may prefer a more grippy finish, or a smaller diameter (40mm).

When you order a pole through the X-Pole website using my affiliate link you get a free class with me at Southern Utah Pole Dance, as well as answers to any questions about first time pole set-up.  Just contact me with your order # to let me know you purchased through my link to reserve your free class (for you or a friend) and let me know if you have setup questions! [email protected]

Why am I an X-Pole Dealer and Affiliate?

There are only a few companies that make true professional grade dance poles that are safe for acrobatic use. I prefer X-poles because they’re portable, height adjustable, easy to order online, and have great customer service.  The X-Pert model can spin or lock, and they don’t damage the ceiling or floor. They’re pressure mounted so they don’t need to be screwed into anything and are easy to set up and take down.  The all metal construction of X-pole allows for even their pressure mounted poles to be so secure that when set up and maintained properly, my guy friends and brothers (large dudes) could jump on it and the pole would not budge even though my ceiling fan was shaking.  Permanent ceiling fixtures, floor pins , and extensions are available for those who prefer a permanent pole or have vaulted or higher ceilings.  If you’re shopping for a pole, be careful of cheaper “prop” poles that are unsafe for acrobatic use, like the Carmen Electra pole, the Peekaboo pole, MiPole, or poles sold at Spencer’s.  Also, beware of knock off X-poles being sold on eBay.  If you have questions about the pros and cons of different pole finishes, pole sizes, spinning or static, don’t hesitate to ask!